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Nikolai Katz Architect, established in 1998, is located in New York City. His office has designed a variety of commercial, residential and retail projects in New York City. Recent projects include: The Starrett Lehigh Building Lobby; Route 66/Bonjour Jeans Showroom/Offices; A Landmark Townhouse on the Upper East Side; Numerous luxury apartment and loft renovations.

Nikolai Katz has been a registered architect since 1997, and a member of AIA since 1998, and is LEED certified. In addition to his numerous projects in New York City, he has worked in Europe, South America, and North Africa. As former designer for Estee Lauder, Nikolai Katz designed retail stores in Moscow, Paris, Warsaw, Casablanca and Taiwan. He has worked in New York for Pei Cobb Freed, and in Paris for Andree Putman. Nikolai graduated from the University of Chicago with honors in art and design.

Nikolai Katz Architect offers comprehensive architectural services. We work with the client through the design and planning stages to produce design development and construction documents. We obtain all necessary permits and bid the project among multiple contracting firms to assure competitive pricing. We then supervise the construction to assure quality and timely completion.

Please consider Nikolai Katz Architect for your next project.

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